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Sprinkle Genealogy


Peter Sprinkle(Sprenckel)

"Peter Sprenckel was born in 1704 in Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. He died in 1759 and is buried in York County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife (unknown) possible immigrated to Ireland with their 3 children, Michael, Peter II, and George." 



Peter SpenckelPeter Spenckel2Peter Sprenckel3


From One Day at a Time by Cathorine Opal Sprinkle - Copyright 2004



Check out Margaret's Genealogy Collection for detailed Sprinkle Genealogy




Our Family Tree


Peter Sprinkle (Son) 1734-1822

Samuel Sprinkle 1770-1855 

Nathaniel Sprinkle 1822-1892


From One Day at a Time by Cathorine Opal Sprinkle - Copyright 2004 


John Henry Sprinkle 1872-1932

From One Day at a Time by Cathorine Opal Sprinkle - Copyright 2004

You can download part of Chapter 8 here: One Day at a Time Chp 8


John Henry Sprinkle married Emma Louise Wilbanks on Dec 21st, 1893

(John Henry Sprinkle Family Tree)


Children of John Henry Sprinkle and Emma Louise Wilbanks


Golie Sprinkle 1894-1953

James Olan Sprinkle 1898-1945

Arnold Henry Sprinkle 1902 - died an infant

Gertrude Prudence Sprinkle 1903-1994

John Sprinkle 1905 - died an infant

O. H. Sprinkle - Unknown

Mrs. Golie Sprinkle

(Lydia Esther Humphrey - Grandma)

Her favorite chapter in the Bible:

Psalm 23


Coat of Arms



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Check out these pics:

Golie & Esther





Golie Sprinkle





Children of Golie Benton Sprinkle and Lydia Esther Humphreys


Paul Golie Benton 1920-2003

James Olen David 1928-2005

Mary Esther Gertie 1931 - Living

Kittie Ruth Louisa 1935-1974



Here is a letter written by Golie - age 24









John Henry Sprinkle and Delphia Ann Donahue Boston (2nd wife)