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Sprinkle Photo Albums



Sprinkle Family Pics : 1920-1960s

Thanks to Ben Sprinkle for finding these at the old

Sprinkle Homestead in Arkansas!

Golie & Esther

Family Pics 1

Family Pics 2

Family Pics 3

Family Pics 4

321 Clay Street - New Carlisle

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After Joel's Wedding: James David Sprinkle (deceased), James , Rebecca, Jon, Joel, Paul, Sam, Dan, Tom, Ben, and Sarah Kessler Sprinkle






Mrs. Golie Sprinkle

(Lydia Esther Humphrey - Grandma)



Her favorite chapter in the Bible:

Psalm 23


1990 Video of Visit to Grandma Sprinkle, Aunt Mary, Dad and Family


Wikitree - Sprenckel Family Tree


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Golie Sprinkle




The late David Sprinkle (Dad)


Coat of Arms



Old Arkansas Sprinkle Homestead 

Here is a

Video of the Sprinkle Homestead 

in Arkansas - Done by James Sprinkle

Bear Spring