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Sprinkle Art & Poetry



A Need - Poem by SKS

Appreciation - Poem by SKS

Mother Dear - Poem by SKS

Today - Poem by SKS

A Prayer - Poem by SKS

Help Me to be Strong - Poem by SKS

To a Friend - Poem by SKS

A Sadness in My Heart - Poem by SKS

Like a Garden - Poem by SKS

To Becky - Poem by SKS

When the Young and Old Meet - Poem by SKS


  In loving memory of Sarah Kessler Sprinkle


Visit The Kessler Genealogy Homepage for Kessler Family History

Who is Man - Poem by Jon Sprinkle

These are all pdf files - easy to download and print out.


old house


321 Clay Street - New Carlisle



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Covered Bridge


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